We pride ourselves on breaking the mold. We also understand tried and true practices within the packaging design industry. We exceed standards and work tirelessly every day to be your go-to design agency. The amazing examples you see are an accurate testament to Stan Agency’s extensive capabilities.

Stan Agency creates package designs for:

  • Boxes
  • Labels
  • Packets
  • Bars
  • Food products
  • Cosmetic products

Stan Agency employs out-of-the-box thinking (pun intended) in every project that lands on our desks. Skilled designers utilize unique approaches and innovative industry knowledge to design custom packaging that can’t be found anywhere else. Even in Stan Agency’s extensive portfolio, each meticulously crafted design is inherently distinctive. How, you ask? Our accomplished team consists of unique individuals who bring varying experiences and points of view into the workroom, incorporating your singular voice. The result: aesthetically pleasing and unique packaging that you’ll be proud to share with customers and industry peers.

Our design process is simple: schedule a consultation (at no cost) with one of Stan Agency’s amazing team members. We discuss your ideas in detail. No idea is too big or unorthodox: we challenge ourselves to make the impossible a reality every day. Since no two package designs are alike, we’ll provide preliminary thoughts and the direction we’d take your packaging based on your business’s needs. Once you decide to move forward and place an order, we’ll create a comprehensive brief and work side by side. Our packaging design is always in line with your goals because we believe in effective collaboration. Stan Agency’s transparent design process ensures your creative vision and our singular talents produce packaging design that will push your business ahead of the competition at an affordable, fair price.

Any seasoned package design expert will say details matter. Packaging design is more than choosing appropriate colors or including the company logo; it’s igniting authentic emotional connection between product and customer. For instance, we want to invoke a visceral reaction to your name packaging design so potential customers will think about your products long after moving on with their busy day. Like remembering catchy commercial jingles, thought-provoking Facebook campaigns, or witty yet informative blogs, amazing package design can move potential customers to buy products and even share with coworkers, friends, and family.

Throughout the USA and worldwide, serious companies look to Stan Agency for their packaging design needs because we’re professional, inventive, approachable, and always deliver on promises. Businesses trust us to produce quality work, and we don’t take that trust lightly. Our team’s ability to create genuinely unique packaging sets us apart from average packaging design agencies. If you want customers to love your product before getting their hands on it, Stan Agency is ready to help your business put its best foot forward. Turn one-of-a-kind ideas into works of art that sell by giving us a call today.