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Round Label Design


Pure & Tasty brought Stan Agency a unique round label design challenge. The company sells healthy granola that does not include many common additives. Part of the company’s uniqueness involves the special round tubes that it sells the granola in. This is where the round label design came in, and Stan Agency eagerly took the challenge.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Round container
  • Consumer wariness of granola

Audience Research

All age groups can eat granola. This snack can also go in breakfasts, baking, and on trails. The versatility is part of the audience appeal. We examined several distinct audience segments. During the research, we found that people wanted a product they can trust. This transparency value influenced the final round label design.

Research as a Custom Round Label Firm

Pouches and boxes are more common granola packaging choices. However, tubes are also currently popular. We investigated round label designs from a few markets. The USA market loves the idea, and there were many inspirational sources available. We also looked at the legal labeling requirements.

Bonus Challenge

Consumers are inherently wary of granola in Pure & Tasty’s target markets. This distrust stems from years of unhealthy granola. The mass-produced, sugar-laden varieties are detrimental to overall health. We decided we needed to distinguish this product quickly from the negatively imaged granolas through round label design.

Design Inspiration

Design colors came from the Pure & Tasty brand. Then the team considered the portrayal of natural ingredients and additive-free options. That’s where the market research was useful. We also found nature inspiring. This round label design would not have happened without it.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The Stan Agency round label design team produced several amazing concepts. First, we checked for brand guidelines. Then we examined the eye-catching properties of each design. This led us to consider the distinctiveness necessary for standing out on the shelf, which ultimately informed our decision.


Pure & Tasty already had a packaging producer picked out for the granola tubes. Once the company’s team accepted our round label design, the packaging entered production quickly. The company also distributed the round label design packaging out swiftly and received a significant sales boost.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom round label design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final round label design featured the product heavily. Whimsical illustrations provided the frame. Meanwhile, branded company colors help consumers distinguish the flavors quickly. Overall, the effect is clean. Stan Agency enjoyed working with Pure & Tasty, and we cannot wait to do so again.
PURE & TASTY Packaging
PURE & TASTY Packaging
PURE & TASTY Packaging
PURE & TASTY Packaging