Branding design is an often-overlooked component in company success. Without a solid brand, companies are easy to overlook and even easier for consumers to forget. No one wants that for their company. However, obtaining an outstanding brand design is tricky. It requires an in-depth analysis of a business’s goals and values to complete correctly.

Challenge Components

  • Saturated markets
  • Unique feel creation
  • Usable in many mediums

Industry Research

Our first branding design step is examining the company’s industry. This helps us discover what market trends currently exist in that industry’s branding design. This step is incredibly useful for finding out what would make a company blend in and what would make it stand above the competition.

Audience Research

We also examine who the brand is targeting closely. Demographics like age, gender, and nationality are significant in branding design. For example, men from the USA express their masculinity differently than those from Finland. Researching the intended company audience helps us design the most appealing brand possible.

Direct Competition Research as a Branding Design Firm

Stan Agency also examines a company’s direct competition. We feel that knowing the competition helps us create a unique branding design. We make component lists and brand feel sheets on this competition. Often, this helps inform us which elements we need to avoid during a company’s brand design.

Brand Values

The brand design process also necessitates a deep dive into the client company’s values. A brand design looks different for an environmentally conscious food brand than it does for one catering to specific dietary restrictions. We examine the client brand closely before beginning the process, so we convey the right values.

Brand Symbology

Often, there’s a story behind a brand. We look for this story when we examine symbology. Usually, this comes out in the elements and fonts of brand design. We then endeavor to completely incorporate the symbology as well as supplying visual components.

Design Inspiration

Brand design inspiration comes from many sources. We find that while direct competition informs us what to avoid, industry standards and brand stories help inspire our process. We also like digging into inspirational design styles like minimalism or shabby chic where appropriate.


Logos are the brand design embodiment. They appear everywhere a brand does, so we devote a significant amount of time to getting logos perfect. Our design team generated several concepts, and we find the one that best embodies the company.


Typically, the completed brand design package is what our clients didn’t know they were looking for. We actively create a branding design that addresses not only the surface of the company but also its deep values and story.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:

  • One complete custom brand design concept
  • Separate package design elements for reuse

Our brand design packages are comprehensive. We provide amazing reference sheets with each branding package. That way, every company employee can create outstanding design and messaging that fits the business when needed.

Branded Components

Visual components are the recognizable brand design portions. Items like color palettes, fonts, logo all boost consumer recognition. We find the perfect, memorable details. This means every brand design is unique, and the visual component is stunning.

Branded Messaging

These are less obvious brand design components to consumers. However, companies with coordinated taglines, positions, and messaging are more consistent. We distill these unique ideas so companies can achieve consistency regardless of the platform.

Why Choose Stan Agency

Stan Agency is a leading brand design firm. We’ve helped companies achieve outstanding branding, whether they were new or well-established. We take the time to get to know every brand design client, and it reflects in the quality work we produce.