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Icon design is equally important to visual identity as font and color as modern society opts for digital interaction. Your app or website needs a unique icon set that represents your brand’s visual identity while conveying the purpose of its represented feature to the user. Impress your users with design elements that prove you have an identity and purpose that’s incomparable to any other brand.
Unique Icon Design
Successful icon design is unique for each brand. Previously, only a small subset of icons for all brands were available to use because information was buried in paragraphs reached through endless textual menus. Web design has evolved to be more user friendly, and now we can understand a company’s feature with a single glance thanks to unique icon design. Read more...
Comparing platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we can see an intentional difference in their icon sets, though these icons technically represent the same thing. A pen represents “compose”, but on that pen turns into a quill on Twitter. This is part of their visual identities, eliminating the competition. A simple change like this has the potential to convince any user to prefer that platform.
Navigation icons are tricky, as they need to convey a precise destination, otherwise you’ll invoke confusion and anger into your users. Great attention to detail and user intention is key to designing a series of navigation icons that fit consumer intention and company need.
This principle is followed when creating your brand’s unique icon design. Our team recognizes the action that needs to be performed (e.g. compose) and creates a stunning icon to represent it that stands out among the competition.
Non-Button Icon Designs
Icon design steps into territories beyond buttons. When visiting a website, paragraph format is so unappealing and uninviting to users that it is a sure-fire way to decrease positive brand awareness. Separating information into smaller sub-categories with simplified text and a unique icon shows users what that service is. This allows people to peruse and find information quickly, in a visually pleasing way.
For example, when visiting a banking website, you will find a series of icons on the homepage that imply checking accounts, savings accounts, high interest, and no fees. This information can be conveyed in subheadings and text, but it is easier to comprehend and visually pleasing to see it outlined. This outline is unique to each bank, as we can safely assume they offer similar services.
Organize your products and services in a way that is visually appealing to consumers and unique in comparison to your competition. Get in touch with our icon design team for one-of-a-kind icon sets and stay in the consumer spotlight.