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Stationery is the physical embodiment of your organization, though it is often overlooked. It is the connection between your employees and clients, and repeats your brand’s mission at every glance. Business cards, letterheads, pens drive organic customer relation and promotion. Therefore, a stand-out design is ideal for global brand recognition. Contact our expert design team for stationery that puts you ahead of the competition.
The Importance of Stationery Design
Stationery design is often looked over. Many people opt for plainly printed notepads and business cards, missing an opportunity for organic brand promotion and engagement. Though society is opting for digital presence more than physical, the need for physical materials will never disappear, though it may fade. As physical stationery is replaced by digital versions, a niche market is created with the potential for monopolization. Read more...
Color in Stationery Design
A pen is a small tool used in all aspects of life. Creating a pen that is boldly colored removes it from the sea of black writing utensils. In fact, many people will opt to use a pen that embraces unique design for that reason alone. Matching your pens to your brand’s visual identity can bring out a spark of intrigue or inspiration to your clients.
Business cards follow the same lead. Many cards are simply white or black with contrasting text. Color or a series of colors added to your stationery design draws attention to it in positive ways.
The Utility of Stationery Design
If you opt for simple business cards, a change in texture can also be beneficial. Extra glossy materials or variation between gloss and roughness intentionally can grab the attention and intrigue of clients and those they interact with.
Thinking outside of the stationery design box, business cards and pens can become a branded utility. For example, if you run a repair business, adding a ruler to the edges of your business card allows the customer to interact with your stationery in non-traditional ways. Try adding a screwdriver to the other end of your pen, or a thin wrench to the side of your business card. These interactions bring a positivity the user aligns with your brand.
Letterheads are more traditional. However, if you run a paper business, using texture, color and lines can allow your client to create origami or tiny decorative cutouts. Interacting with your station in non-traditional ways improves its utility and the user’s desire to continue a relationship with you.
Get in touch with our design team for stationery design that fits your needs and allows your customers to interact with you in unique ways.