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Font design is increasing in popularity among brands, bringing many companies to the idea of creating their own fonts that are web-friendly and recognizable as part of their brand’s visual identity. A readable font for paragraph text and complementary font for headings keeps you in line with marketing trends and makes you appear thoughtful and thorough in your visual identity. Your unique font is used in all company products and services to drive a sense of unity and care into your clients.
Font Design for Visual Identity
Today, font design equates to brand. Helvetica was synonymous with Apple for decades because it was used for every Apple product, service, and communication method. Eventually, even Apple created their own font to replace the generic Helvetica that they used for so long. Read more...
Utilizing this concept, an expertly designed font that represents your brand can become synonymous with it. Our aim is to create this synonymity to increase brand awareness organically.
Font Design Use
Most users don’t recognize exact fonts or can even name font styles – let alone the difference between fonts and typefaces. But that doesn’t mean font design isn’t important in establishing a consistent visual identity for your brand. Font design is equally important to any print or web service because customers recognize the continuation of intentional design.
Products refer to physical and digital material. Stationery, office, and business documents are your physical branding documents while your website, email, and apps are digital branding documents. Using a unique font design everywhere possible is key to establishing a user-brand connection.
Readability in Font Design
Readability is the key factor for success in font design. Everyone you interact with, including employees, needs to be able to read and understand the content clearly while recognizing the brand. There are thousands of available fonts, but only a handful meet this criterion.
A subsequent complementary font is equally useful, though contrast should not forgo readability. If your website contains just one font, it comes across as boring and unthoughtful. Adjusting the weight, the typeface, and the size are all qualities of complementary fonts that prove your attention to detail and professionalism.
Your font design should be apparent on all aspects of your media. From printed letterheads and business cards to websites and email templates. Don’t miss this opportunity for customer engagement by selecting a font that’s popular. It needs to represent your brand in a readable, unique way. Customers enjoy this, and it can promote organic traffic and increased revenue over time.
Contact our expert font design team for uniquely designed fonts and typefaces for your media, whether it’s print or web. We always implement your visual identity into our designs, so you can rest assured that no one else will have a font quite like yours.