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It doesn’t matter how great your product is, if your product label design fails, your target market won’t find out. Though everyone knows the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” people still do. Every time you browse a grocery store or online storefront, you make snap judgments about the products you see.
What do the people walking by your products think? Do they view them as cheap? High quality? Reliable?
Their thinking will hinge on your product label design. Falter here and you’ll unwittingly send your prospective customers to rival companies’ products. How can you ensure your product label designs are as bold and effective as the products themselves?
Getting product label designs that attract attention and set your product apart from competitors requires… Read more...
  • A team of marketing professionals who can analyze your niche, its trends, and what’s working.
  • A graphic design firm that appreciates the theory behind good design and can fuse that knowledge with practical, advanced marketing ideas and insights.
  • Typographers who intuitively understand the way text and font influence consumer behavior.
In short, you need Stan Agency.
What sets Stan Agency apart?
Stan Agency’s a USA-based design firm that specializes in crafting custom packaging, labels, and other branding material so your business can be seen by the people who matter most – your target market.
Our team of marketing professionals and skilled graphic designers can use the trends in your niche along with inspiration from your unique brand identity to craft product labels that stand out.
We’re committed to supporting your business and brand through amazing design labels for products at an affordable price.
How can product label design help my business?
Your product labels speak louder than the rest of your marketing repertoire. When prospective customers know nothing about your business, your product labels can communicate your brand creatively.
Effective product labels will…
  • Differentiate your business from all competitors, making you stand out no store shelves and digital storefronts.
  • Clearly communicate the core benefits and features of your product so consumers immediately understand why they need your product.
  • Build confidence and loyalty in your customers through compelling and consistent branding.
How does Stan Agency achieve results?
Our team of marketers and designers will approach your job like we have countless others…
  • New orders begin with an extensive consultation phase, allowing us to better understand your business, current brand image, current label design, and important values. We’ll also draw inspiration from your business and marketing goals.
  • Once we understand your brand, we’ll look at industry trends and the marketing concepts that seem to be hottest right now, including package design examples from other companies in your niche. This will give us some solid ideas of what’s working.
  • Then, we’ll a brief that lays out every aspect and idea of your custom product label design, from graphics to typography and beyond. We’ll also let you know the estimated cost and the reasoning behind each charge.
  • Once you’ve had an opportunity to examine everything and sign-off, we’ll release our team to create the elements needed to make your product label designs successful.
If you’d like to learn more about our product label design services, contact us today.