The Challenges of Food Packaging Design

Saturated Markets

Every food line is going into a saturated market these days. With custom food packaging, we can create awesome designs that help products avoid being lost in the crowd. Food packaging design is essential for this, and professional companies can help brands even in the busiest of marketplaces.

Labeling Requirements

Each country has slightly different food labeling requirements, and some products have distinct needs based on the product category. This labeling is a food packaging design problem that requires creative solutions for products that will enter multiple markets, especially for companies that do not want complete package branding changes.

New Product Wariness

Every new product and new food packaging design must overcome consumer suspicion. Humans are creatures of habit, and convincing people to try something new is difficult. Expert food packaging designers can help companies overcome this gap.

Feeling Evocation

People buy food with their emotions just as often as they do from a logical point of view. Food packaging design requires that each item work together to create this emotional response. After all, it’s only after customers buy food that the contents can be appreciated, regardless of what the product is.

Branding Multiple Products

Few companies only sell one product, and it takes a professional food packaging design company to help link these products together. By taking the time to connect products through packaging design, people are more likely to trust brands enough to try new products. This choice needs to be a consideration from the first package design since it’s hard to incorporate after that.

Our Process

Research as a Custom Food Packaging Firm

Food packaging is competitive, and each category of products has its own trends. Custom food packaging design companies like Stan Agency need to research each package extensively so that the final design is unique. Often, we look into competitors and market trends so we can create food packaging designs that work for years to come.

Design Inspiration

In many cases, design inspiration does not come from a single source. Packaging design for food products is intricate, so we look at the brand we’re working for, the market around the product, and other natural sources of inspiration. Sometimes, we also draw inspiration from related fields for food packaging design.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

Typically, our design team produces multiple options during the process. This choice allows us to explore the possibilities without limiting our design concepts. When we’re narrowing a final design selection, we typically begin by checking against the company branding. From there, we check for design uniqueness and the ability to stand on a shelf.


Food packaging design does not need to be complicated. Stan Agency works with small and large companies to get the food packaging design done right the first time. Our clients often report increases in sales after the company deploys its new packaging design for food products to the market too.

The Deliverable

The Final Packages:

  • Complete custom box designs or labels
  • Separate package design elements for reuse

We believe our custom food packaging designs should be useful. Not only do we offer our designs, but we also include design elements that companies can use for future marketing campaigns and advertising.