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  • Company:Saturn Group/Ceres
  • Location:USA, Washington
  • Service:Packaging design
  • Category:Food & Drink
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Ceres brought Stan Agency a unique packaging design custom order for its salted caramel balls. The company creates CBD and THC infused chocolate treats. The unique packaging design is needed to address the niche market while maintaining a broad appeal. Stan Agency eagerly accepted the challenge.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated niche market
  • THC and CBD stigma
  • Consumer wariness

Industry Research

Researching the CBD and THC industries was intriguing. We needed the information to create unique packaging designs that matched the industry. CBD and THC are both growing industries. That also meant we found a significant amount of unique packaging designs while we were examining different brands. Sorting through the unique packaging design regulations was also a headache.

Audience Research

We examined who would by infused chocolate confections next. The answer was surprising. It turns out edible treats are popular across age groups rather than simply among the young. We needed to ensure universal appeal in our unique packaging designs.

Packaging Research as a Custom Unique Packaging Design Firm

We also looked at several competitors’ unique packaging designs in both current and adjacent markets like the USA. These unique packaging designs revealed some trends. Many incorporated the named ingredient in the package design. We needed to find a middle ground there to create a unique packaging design.

Bonus Challenge

The added challenge around the unique packaging design project involved the THC and CBD ingredients. Both these carry varying degrees of stigma in societies like the USA. We needed a unique packaging design that minimized it at a casual glance. However, the consumer needed to know what they were buying still.

Brand Symbology

The name Ceres traces to a Roman Goddess. She was mythologically responsible for teaching humans about the harvests. The Ceres brand incorporates this with the logo wings as well. Both symbols are powerful. We, however, didn’t want them to be the focus of a unique packaging design.

Design Inspiration

Our unique packaging design inspiration came from whimsey. Ceres is not a serious brand. However, we did want to incorporate the almost cartoon style found on the logo. That’s where the silhouette began. Then we brainstormed ways people would enjoy the treats and how the treats would make people feel as they were consumed.

Element Decisions

Using a silhouette was not in many of the unique packaging designs. Instead, many of the designers took a more lifelike approach. We realized that would not work in this case and still match the whimsey. So instead, all the elements became chocolate silhouettes to tie into the product.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The professional team turned out several unique packaging design concepts. Each was compared against the Ceres brand. Then we looked for unique ideas. We found that a couple of the ideas stood out during our examination. We ended up bringing in a focus group to help us choose the most unique packaging design.


The Ceres team loved the unique packaging design. The company contracted for a quick production, so the treats hit the market quickly. Ceres recently emailed that the unique packaging design received frequent compliments. The company also included a sales figure overview, which exceeded projections.
CERES Packaging
CERES Packaging
CERES Packaging
CERES Packaging