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  • Company:Umami Food Studio
  • Location:South Africa
  • Service:Branding, label design
  • Category:Food & Drink
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Our challenge was to create distinctive hot sauce label designs that highlighted the individual flavor profiles of each unique type of Just Pour’s sauce. In cooking, sauce acts as a complement to the other ingredients, building upon the flavor but never overwhelming the overall taste. High-quality sauces let the flavor speak for itself. With that in mind, we utilized the same concept in our sauce label design.

Essential moments

It was essential that Just Pour’s sauce label design with its packaging conveyed the simplicity yet superiority of the flavors themselves.


Our intent was to create sauce label design that was bold and eye-catching without becoming overwhelming. The inspiration in the hot sauce label design had to be innovative and distinctly different from competing companies’ sauce label design. Rather than rely on previous hot sauce labels currently trending, we sought to develop a unique design that spoke to the depth of taste in Just Pour’s sauces. As a brand, Just Pour needed a hot sauce label designs that would target customers in supermarkets searching for high-quality cooking products to use in their meals. Our designs sought to reflect that demand.

Innovative approach

Our innovative custom sauce label design for Just Pour utilized eye-catching, cohesive designs that spoke to the quality of the ingredients while also representing the depth and taste of each separate sauce. The color and streamlined simplicity of the sauce label design had to effortlessly showcase the quality of the sauces. We designed the simple shape of the labels that seems smooth. The difference in sauce labels between the different sauces was developed to be very familiar.


The simple lines of the sauce label design attention without distracting the consumer, allowing potential customers to admire both the sauce packaging as well as the contents of the products. Design of labels is both elegant and minimalistic which conveys the high-quality of the product itself. Each sauce label design harmonizes with the color of the sauce and does not shade it. The bright red of the gochujang mirror the warm boldness of the hot sauce, the deep black of the ganjang sauce bottle packaging reflects the savory depth of the soy sauce, and the attention-grabbing yellow sauce packaging of the lemon pesto conveys the light and refreshing flavor of the sauce itself. Every aspect of the sauce label is designed to attract an audience of customers who value great quality over price.
Just Pour Packaging
Just Pour Packaging
Just Pour Packaging