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Bite Me brought a unique challenge to the Stan Agency, and we eagerly accepted. Bite Me is in the healthy meal business and sells easy to consume meals in several markets. We took the challenge and created a simple package design that helps people pick their meals.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Conveying the health benefits
  • Offers both pre-built and customized options

Research as a Packaging Design Firm

Before we could present unique concepts, the team dove into market trends for health food both in Bite Me’s existing market and where they hope to expand, including the USA. This research inspired our simple packaging design since many health foods tend towards minimalism.

Bonus Challenge

Right now, healthy food is incredibly trendy. This change means Bite Me’s custom packaging order needed to be innovative and stand out while still being recognizable to consumers.

Design Inspiration

Our team brought back many pieces of inspiration from our research. Health foods tend towards a clean design that showcases the product inside whenever possible. The trends also border on the line of being minimalist. Then there are the colors, with many employing bright colors to attract the customer’s eye.

Narrowing Down the Final Optionss

The Stan Agency team had a challenging decision once all the possible packaging designs were presented. Many included simple packaging designs that lined up with the market but employed distinctive color schemes. Ultimately, the team picked a simple packaging design with bold color contrast between a natural green and a stunning black along with a package window.


Bite Me immediately began using the simple packaging design to market its meals. The immediate customer feedback was encouraging, and over time, Bite Me saw an increase in overall sales. The professional packaging, combined with its new marketing push, has helped the company meet its expansion goals.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom packaging design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
We were thrilled with how the final design for Bite Me’s packaging came out. The simple package design uses a black backdrop and a vibrant green for all the elements. The plan also includes a window so consumers can view the food inside while making a decision. We enjoyed working with Bite Me and cannot wait to do so again as the company expands its meal line.
Bite Me Packaging
Bite Me Packaging
Bite Me Packaging