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Vly presented our packaging design firm with a packaging conundrum which required an advanced solution. The yogurt industry contains many brands, all of whom are doing everything possible to stand out in the refrigerator aisle. We were able to create a custom packaging solution that set Vly’s product apart from the competition.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Standing out without being loud
  • Creating a new packaging tactic

Research as a Packaging Firm

Our first step was looking into market trends in areas where Vly currently sells its products, including the USA. This examination revealed which trends the yogurt packaging industry now uses. Then we made a collective decision that our packaging design firm was going to supply a distinct design for Vly.

Bonus Challenge

The biggest challenge involved was for our packaging design firm to find a design that worked without flashy symbols. Many of the yogurt containers we looked at for inspiration relied on these symbols, and in doing so, did not stand out on the store shelves. We wanted to create a better yogurt packaging design for Vly.

Design Inspiration

Initially, our packaging design firm’s team brought a wide range of designs to the table. There was everything from abstraction to minimalism at the main packaging design meeting. We ended up drawing more inspiration from minimalism, which was a sharp contrast to the market trends inspiration we all looked at earlier.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

Before the final decision was made on Vly’s yogurt packaging design, our packaging design firm needed to narrow down the last half dozen plans. We discarded a few that were not bold enough to stand out on a refrigerated shelf. The design firm team decided on bold and unique minimalism for this custom project.


The result was a design both Vly and our packaging design firm team adored. The minimalist packaging is driving Vly’s sales as consumers pick it out of a long shelf of yogurt products. The new packaging also appears to be helping with brand recognition for Vly, which in turn contributes to their repeat business.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • Two yogurt carton designs
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final product included two distinct yogurt packaging designs and all the individual graphic elements so Vly could use them in digital marketing. The campaigns have generated amazing engagement. Stan Agency is looking forward to working further with Vly as its quality yogurt line expands into the future.
VLY Packaging