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Anchor Mark brought our packaging design firm a unique challenge. The company needed new and unique packaging better suited to market its hardware, specifically its outstanding screws. As the market stands now, Anchor Mark needed results that spoke to the exceptional quality of its products and helped the company stand out in the hardware stores.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Standing out without being loud
  • Avoiding overused hardware motifs

Research as a Package Design Firm

We take our customer’s needs seriously, so our first step was looking into market trends in the USA and elsewhere. There are many quality examples that we drew inspiration from, as well as some items we decided to avoid. By narrowing down what we could use, it helped inspire the package design process across the firm.

Bonus Challenge

We decided that using hardware motifs, such as piles of tools or extensive projects, would not fit with the Anchor Mark brand. We needed an alternate source of inspiration as a packaging design firm. We decided that the product itself should be what we center the packaging design around to convey the brand properly.

Design Inspiration

We had several excellent ideas come through our package design firm over the course of this project. We considered drawing from several architectural styles, as well as nature. These items fit with the Anchor Mark branding since the company builds highly durable products useful for creating the final structural products.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

Our design firm team delivered a wide array of potential designs. We eliminated those that did not seem as powerful from the outset. Then our packaging design firms’ staff narrowed down the possibilities until we found the perfect packaging design to represent both Anchor Mark’s durable products and its brand spirit.


The result was a custom packaging design that our firm was proud of, and that suits our client’s needs. So far, Anchor Mark has reported that the new packaging design from our firm has helped them increase sales figures and expand how many stores carry the products. That’s excellent news in the hardware industry.

The Deliverable

The Package:
  • One full package design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final product included a single exterior design for a box containing screws. Each box compliments Anchor Mark’s existing branding while also bringing new elements into play. We’re excited to continue working with Anchor Mark as they expand their business.
Anchor Mark Packaging
Anchor Mark Packaging
Anchor Mark Packaging