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Herbalea Food brought the Stan Agency a unique challenge. The company wanted to create black label designs that stood apart from their competition without employing tactics that made the brand look like other cook oil packaging on the market. After careful consideration, we created an elegant solution.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Creating a luxury feel
  • Standing out without being loud

Research on black label design

The cook oil industry is fiercely competitive. After all, cook oil is something everyone needs, even if it’s in different quantities. Therefore, it was not too difficult to our professional team to select key competitors and thoroughly analyze the black label design of cook oil labels. We dug into market trends in the USA, which is Herbalea Food’s target market. We discovered how cook oil labeling plays off the color of the oil inside, even when the bottle is tinted.

Bonus Challenge

The biggest challenge we had to solve was how to show that Herbalea Food cooking oil was luxurious without making it unrecognizable with a black label design. This conundrum kept a few of our designers researching what other luxury oil label design looked like extensively. Ultimately, they came up with a few trends.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

Our team of packaging designers outdid themselves, creating multiple fantastic options for the client. As a team, we agreed that a minimalist concept would best convey the luxury feel, even though we did include one abstract element that worked well with the color of the oil. And grains of gold gave it a truly rich look.


Herbalea Food is pleased with the results, and they report stable growth in sales since utilizing new black label design. They’re also seeing more repeat customers. We found that using the color gradient helped elevate the overall brand and create a truly luxurious look. Combined with the solid black color and the design stands out well on the store shelves.

The Deliverable Black Label Design

The Deliverable Package:
  • One label design
  • One secondary packaging layout
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
Ultimately, the result was unique and innovative to Herbalea Food. By mixing abstraction with minimalism, we were able to create a luxurious black label design. We look forward to working with Herbalea Food as they expand their cook oil line.
Herbalea Food Packaging
Herbalea Food Packaging
Herbalea Food Packaging