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Beisik brought us a challenge in creating tube packaging for its line of home products. Each product needed to fit in the packaging securely for safe shipping. On top of that, Beisik wanted the packaging to align with its company brand perfectly. We at Stan Agency accepted the challenge.
  • Minimalism
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Round Design


Beisik devotes its time to creating products for people embracing a minimalist lifestyle. This devotion extends to the cardboard tube packaging they wanted to use. The company wanted no excess packaging beyond what was necessary to ensure its products arrived safely. This policy also applied to the designs we considered for the packages.


As a company Beisik follows the best sustainable practices available. They choose to have shorter supply lines, use durable materials, and more. Therefore, we needed a package design that fit with the company’s amazing values. That included using a cardboard tube packaging so everything is recyclable.

Inspiration Process

At Stan Agency, we enjoy the research stage of packaging design. For Beisik, we completed extensive research on both minimalist aesthetics and target market trends for the tube packaging. Since minimalism is a trend in worldwide and the USA markets, we knew we needed to end up with several professional ideas.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

We produced a few tube packaging design ideas once we started narrowing down the final product. We had everything from minimalist abstraction to simple exterior labeling. The standout, though, was the options that included product renderings. These could serve both for package branding and stoking consumer excitement.
Right now, Beisik is only selling a few products, so that narrowed the tube packaging design significantly. Then it came down to which option best served to embrace the company’s overall values. That is how we ultimately decided on the best tube package design for Beisik.


The results were a unique product wrap-around design. We took one of the hangers Beisik produces and sketched it. The mix of color intensity suggests the hanger is unfolding on the cardboard tube packaging. Yet it maintains the minimalist look by not filling in any part of the product.

The Deliverable

The Deliverable:
  • One tube packaging design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final product was a single well-executed tube packaging design that embraced the company’s values of sustainability and minimalism. We cannot wait to work with Beisik again as they bring new products to the market that are both sustainable and minimalist.
BEISIK Packaging
BEISIK Packaging
BEISIK Packaging