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  • Location:USA, NY
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  • Category:Cosmetics & Beauty
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The target for this project was to create a beauty packaging design that successfully represented the classic, femme fatale concept of beauty that the Ruby collection showcases. The palette itself offers rich colors that embody sensuality without overwhelming the senses, with pigments more focused on depth than on over-saturation of hue. Our challenge was to create the best beauty packaging design possible to accurately reflect the high-quality materials of the eye shadow in an attractive manner to make-up enthusiasts.


Sleek, sexy, with a hint of danger; every design choice was deliberately chosen to reflect this aesthetic created by the Ruby collection. Like a sharp stiletto heel, both gorgeous and pointed, the cosmetics package design had to look aesthetically appealing with seamless style. It was essential to create a beauty packaging design that conveyed the luxurious elegance of the Ruby product. The target audience for the Ruby collection was make-up collectors seeking a product of superior quality and timeless beauty.
In order to develop the best cosmetic packaging design for the Ruby product, every element of the package design had to reflect the richness of the palette itself. The bold pigmentation of the Ruby eye shadow collection was reflected in the packaging; there, the combination of bold black and deep red create a smooth contrast, full of depth. The prism shape of the beauty packaging design ignores the overplayed rectangular standard most makeup packaging favors. The Ruby collection offers a unique and attractive visual appearance to suit the product. As a cosmetic packaging design company, Stan Agency prioritizes both product appearance and design functionality. The form of the Ruby collection from Tom Make Up does not compromise on either element. The packaging comes equipped with a mirror, allowing the product to be highly transportable. A customer does not need to seek a bathroom or external mirror in order to apply the make-up. The mirror is firmly attached at one side, unlike other palette package designs that come with a removable top. The innovative package design cosmetic took inspiration from a variety of sources in order to develop a finished product that satisfied client expectations and also accurately showcased the essence of the product's narrative to potential customers.
TomVMakeUp Packaging
TomVMakeUp Packaging
TomVMakeUp Packaging
TomVMakeUp Packaging