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As more people focus on healthy eating habits, juice is the drink of choice for many. Juice label designs help people pick their favorite out in the store, on the go, and everywhere in between. After all, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as drinking cold juice on a hot day.
Know the Audience
The first step in creating a quality, trendy juice label is knowing the intended audience. Marketing to children, who influence their parents’ buying decisions, is incredibly different from marketing directly to adults. This changes which styles are effective and practical for juice label design.
Where the Juice Bottle Affects the Label
Modern juice labels need to fit with the bottles they are on. For example, many juice containers are transparent so that consumers can see the contents. Having a clear label requires significantly more planning than an opaque label, for example. Additionally, specific container shapes affect the label design as well. Read more...
Popular Juice Label Styles
Juice label designs need to be eye-catching and informative. Otherwise, the items they share a fridge with are more likely to be bought. Fortunately, many styles do this and offer a lot of creative space for designs.
Minimalist label designs require significant planning. These designs use only what is necessary and turn it into something beautiful. Using a minimalist label design conveys a no-nonsense approach to the juice and that nothing is hiding inside it. That lines up with many consumers’ values about additives as well, which is a bonus.
Many juice label designs aim to convey the goodness inside the bottle. Using a scene as part of the label design conveys freshness, like the consumer could step into the orchard where the apple was picked. Depending on the label designer, these scenes may be photorealistic or retain an element of whimsy.
Distinguish the Juice Flavors
It’s rare for a juice company only to have one product, so distinguishing the flavors on juice labels is vital. Just as essential, though, is maintaining the overall brand identity. A professional designer can create entire product lines that anyone would recognize as being from the same quality company.
Images on juice label concepts are an incredibly useful tool. When used correctly on a juice label, consumers can glance at a bottle and know what healthy ingredients are inside. Since everyone is in a hurry these days, those seconds are precious.
Naming the various juice blends is a serious endeavor. Not only do the names need to be recognizable, but they also need to convey the contents of the juice container. On top of that, names are an essential part of label design and one of the first items consumers look for.
Legal Requirements
Requirements for Juice Labels from the FDA
  • Manufacturer contact information
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutrition information
  • Net volume
  • Juice percentage
  • Disclaimers
  • Juice and company names
The FDA in the USA requires several pieces of information on every juice label. Without this information, the manufacturer may pay fines. A quality juice label designer understands these requirements and can integrate them into the label design without causing the consumer to put the juice bottle down.