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Honey label jar labels are one of the most necessary marketing tools available. Consumers use them to decide which brands they want to spend their hard-earned money on, and it’s always a competition. An innovative honey jar label goes a long way towards standing out on that shelf.
Colors for Honey Labels
Most honey jars do nothing to hide the vibrant color inside. This backdrop makes an ideal canvas for designing honey labels, but it also means the label must stand out on the rich ambers and golds. That’s where finding the right color for each product creates eye drawing contrast.
Design Motifs
Honey exists across a vast number of markets, including in the USA. As such, there are a few universal design motifs that accompany many honey label designs. Including these motifs innovatively helps honey brands attract new customers. Read more...
Since bees make honey, they often appear on the honey jar labels. A creative honey label designer figures out new ways to use this motif without sacrificing the brand style and, for example, uniquely drawing the bees that suites the brand ideally is a solution.
Hives store honey, at least until humans harvest it. That makes them the perfect symbol for honey jar labels. However, many people have never seen a hive. This lack provides designers infinite creative opportunities to turn an ordinary beehive into something unique.
Flowers hold all the necessary pieces of honey before bees process it. This is an awesome opportunity to add uniqueness to the honey label design. Since every region has different flowers, honey label artists can show where honey was created without making consumers read the label.
Bears and honey are a little stereotypical, but an amazing designer can still create unique images with this motif for honey jar labels. Using this motif invokes a sense of nostalgia since many people had introductions to it during childhood.
Humor does have a place on honey label concepts when used appropriately. All the motif options are heavily used, so mixing in something humorous or unexpected draws the eye. Additionally, it demonstrates that the company is not like other companies. This distinction, in turn, can breed customer loyalty, which helps drive sales.
Labeling Requirements
Labeling Elements from the FDA in the USA:
Requirements for Beer Packaging Design
Packaging for beer sold in the USA must use materials the FDA deems safe. The beer packaging design must protect the content from contaminants. Additionally, it must not interfere with the beer or alter it over time. That’s a tall order when brands also want to innovate.
  • Common product name
  • Net weight
  • Ingredients
  • Contact information
  • Country of origin
Honey labels require many elements, at least in the USA. This trend intends to protect consumers, so failure to obey may result in hefty fines from the government. A fantastic honey label design incorporates these elements without overstating them and distracting buyers from their decision.