• Company:Wonton King
  • Location:USA, NJ
  • Service:Branding, Packaging design
  • Category:Food & Drink
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Our client wanted creative packaging design for tasty food products but was unsure where to start. That’s where we came in: while Chinese cuisine enthusiasts may argue that frozen dumplings can pretty much sell themselves, we were tasked with showcasing how delicious our client’s dumplings are. We asked ourselves: how do we grab potential customers’ attention before the competition does?

Narrowing down options

Our client presented five different, high-quality food products to sell. Since they were all dumplings, our client needed their products cohesive yet distinctive enough to tell apart by busy shoppers perusing the frozen food aisle. Stan Agency’s professional design team, excited to start, set out to create the best packaging design possible.


First, we sketched unique packaging designs to draw our client’s ideal customers. After discussing several ideas and concepts with our client, inspiration struck: many frozen food packaging designs don’t allow customers to see actual food, turning purchases into an annoying gamble. By removing guesswork from everyday shopping trips, and designing a dumpling-shaped or serving bowl window, customers would see their food, thus addressing their needs in a fun and unique way. Our creative packaging design was precisely what our client needed to stand out amongst food companies with similar products.


Next, we addressed differentiating products while maintaining certain design elements. Lettering, cartoon style, and company logo design were kept relatively the same. We designed varying food products – vegan, duck, pork, chicken, beef – with distinct packaging colors, altered characters, and packaging windows positioned differently or alternated between serving bowls and dumpling shapes. Stan Agency’s customized frozen food packaging design built upon the packaging industry’s latest trends while embracing innovative approaches few design agencies adopt. Working with our client side by side, we turned vague ideas into unique, amazing packaging that grabs customers’ attention the moment they see their product.