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  • Location:USA, LA
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  • Category:Cosmetics & Beauty
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Estilo brought its new makeup brush packaging order to Stan Agency after deciding the company wanted to expand beyond its home market. Makeup brushes in this case used to seem like beach design packaging, and every culture is different in what it wants. The company wanted to assure its success ahead of the expansion investment.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Infrequent buy window
  • Industry shifts

Research as a Custom Packaging Design Firm

The cosmetics industry as a whole is shifting towards skincare, which makes topic research important just like when someone does a beach design package. We examined the likely markets for Estilo’s makeup brushes for both audience and cultural aspects. The research turned up several exciting market trends.

Bonus Challenge

Cosmetics is a shifting industry as trends come and go. However, recent years have brought the focus away from makeup and towards skincare. This trend has also affected makeup brush makers like Estilo and how companies can market their products effectively. We looked extensively at where each market, such as the USA, was on this transition before proceeding.

Design Inspiration

The Estilo project required unique inspiration, so we expanded beyond looking at makeup brush packaging and into beach design packaging as well. This unique outlook allowed us to innovate on the final design using beach design elements. After all, innovative packaging designs sell, regardless of where the inspiration came from.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The package design team created several awesome concepts that would have stood up to market trends. We narrowed the design ideas initially on how well they blended makeup and beach design packaging. Then we examined the branding Estilo had in place and considered how best to represent the product.


The resulting design took the best of makeup brush and beach design packaging, which worked out well for Estilo. The company was able to put the packaging into production quickly. Since it was so unique, customers were attracted to it, and Estilo informed us that its sales figures were increasing.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom package design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final design included a white label that fit with cosmetics packaging and a pattern that is common on interior design packages. This contrast sets the design apart from those it shares a shelf within stores. We look forward to providing further packaging design support for Estilo as the company expands in the future.
Estilo Packaging
Estilo Packaging
Estilo Packaging