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Fatboys brought Stan Agency a fun challenge in the healthy snack foods category. The company needed a stunning packaging graphic design job for its new almond snack bites. Since Fatboys was a relatively new brand, this project required innovative concepts. We put our top rated design team on the project.
Challenge Components
  • Niche markets
  • Food labeling requirements
  • Consumer wariness of new products/brands

Audience Research

Our team’s first step involved looking into the health food audiences. This product fits into several distinct markets. We found several common elements, including concerns about additives and overall body health. We pulled a list together regarding the most addressable markets and trends. This document helped focus the design process.

Research as a Custom Packaging Graphic Design Firm

One of the food packaging graphic design keys is knowing what the packaging must have on it. Since Fatboys intended to sell in the USA, that meant FDA labeling requirements needed consideration. We also examined several other health food brands for packaging graphic design trends. We wanted to ensure all design ideas were original.

Bonus Challenge

The significant challenges for the Fatboys project involved the newness of the product and brand. New products are less likely to be picked up by consumers. Psychology indicates that humans prefer what is familiar. To win consumer attention on the shelf, we needed a fresh and attractive packaging graphic design that drew in the eye.

Design Inspiration

The product provided significant inspiration. Fatboys only used seven ingredients, so we were able to incorporate all pieces into the graphic packaging design. Then we examined the company provided inspiration. The company decided on the fun color scheme as part of its branding. We let the team combine all these ideas into final concepts.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The Stan Agency packaging graphic design team produced numerous outstanding concepts. After confirming the designs matched the company’s branding, we looked for fun yet simple options. This choice allowed us to choose the final design.


The Fatboys team found the new packaging graphic design delightful. The company used an amazing quality packaging printer when making this packaging graphic design real. Then the company expanded quicker than projections had shown.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom packaging graphic design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final packaging graphic design featured an illustrated ingredients mashup. The primary color was a branded blue tone. Meanwhile, the word cloud text demonstrated all the various groups this product works for. We enjoyed working on this project, and look forward to working with Fatboys again as the company expands.
Fatboys Packaging
Fatboys Packaging
Fatboys Packaging