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Introducing Moringa Powder to the USA

Although many Americans have never heard of it, moringa is a massive, worldwide industry valued at over $5.5 billion. Considered a superfood, it’s consumed in a range of different ways, including powder, tea, oil, and seeds. Analysts predict that, if trends continue and the price remains stable, the industry will see an 8.9% increase over the next half decade.
This exponential growth inspired Muna, an Ecuador-based company focused exclusively on growing and producing moringa products. Since 75% of the moringa market is in the USA, Muna hoped to break into the US market with design customized packaging that paid homage to its Ecuadorian origins while appealing to a broad base of mainstream Americans.

Complete Design Customized Packaging

One of Muna’s challenges was that they were a small Ecuadorian business. They didn’t have the big budget of major moringa companies in the USA. And they didn’t know the marketing and design decision that connect with American consumers. But they were determined. When they contacted Stan Agency, they expressed a desire for quality package designs that drew inspiration from traditional Ecuadorian culture while appealing to Americans. They wanted something that was stylish and professional. And, since they lacked a massive marketing budget, they needed customized packaging design for a small business at a reasonable cost.


Analyzing the Competition

Before moving to the design stage with their order, we spent hours performing advanced market research on the moringa industry, its major producers and products, and the most popular packaging that sells well. After analyzing the American moringa industry, we listened to Muna share their story and vision for their product.
Then, we got to work.

Crafting a Package Design that Sells

Our team of professional designers used everything they’d learned about the moringa powder market along with Muna’s vision to put together a brief that included several creative, package design examples. Eventually, they settled on the amazing option pictured above. It fuses a stylish, modern aesthetic with traditional Ecuadorian designs and imagery to create a packaging that sells well for Muna. How we did it…
  • We opted for a monochromatic color scheme, using shades of green and white. This emphasizes the organic, natural qualities of Muna’s product. The greens also communicate life, health, and they reflect the color of the moringa powder itself.
  • The resealable top of the package is adorned with designs that hearken to traditional Ecuadorian culture. In addition, a stylized llama and girl in Ecuadorian dress can be seen near the bottom of the package. Both images allow Muna’s heritage to shine.
  • The typography, text, and designs are simplistic, if not minimalistic. This gives the product a contemporary feel that appeals to American consumers.
Since introducing their moringa powder in this innovative package design, Muna has seen their share of the market explode. Stan Agency is thankful for the opportunity to help create customized packaging design for a small business that helped them compete with major players in the moringa market.
Muna Packaging
Muna Packaging
Muna Packaging
Muna Packaging