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  • Company:Heart & Soul Pet Food Pty Ltd
  • Location:United Kingdom
  • Service:Packaging design
  • Category:Animal & Pet
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Targeting a Diverse Market

Pet owners aren’t a monolithic market in the United Kingdom. They’re a diverse consumer market that includes rural hunters, urban women, and hundreds more. Creating custom dog treats packaging design that attracts the whole market is impossible.
Try to market your product to everyone and you’ll end up reaching no one. Our client was struggling with this problem. Their plastic bag packaging design looked generic, like it was meant for nobody in particular. Their sales reflected that fact, and they hoped that we might offer some innovative ideas that would revive a quality product they still believed in.

Needing a Niche

Our client had spent a hefty sum on developing the advanced formula behind their dog food, they hadn’t given their bag packaging similar thought or funding. It was floundering, losing market share to comparable dog foods. When they called Stan Agency, they had one goal in mind: Create an amazing, new concept to rescue their lamb and rice blend from the bargain bin.


Discovering a New Approach

During market research, we noted bag packaging trends that competitor dog food companies engaged in. Then, we completed a comprehensive analysis of our client, with a strong focus on their values and brand identity. Traditionally, they marketed to a general audience, but their product was focused on providing high-end, nutritious meals that met the needs of indoor dogs at a higher price point. As we noted these things, we developed a brief with a series of bag packaging examples for our client to consider.

Crafting a Bag Package Design that Sells

Using inspiration from the client’s history and our market research, we settled on the current design for numerous reasons.
How we did it…
  • A smiling corgi features on the packaging’s front since this breed is popular among the urban, upper class pet owners making up the product’s target market.
  • Pink and gold were chosen for the design, communicating luxury and femininity – values important to our niche.
  • Their heart-shaped logo was included packaging and was emphasized with a white-on-pink color scheme. It ended up being the perfect complement to the rest of the packaging, drawing in middle-to-upper-class women.
  • Attractive images of several key ingredients sits near the bottom of the package, emphasizing.
By approaching this package design with a focused market in mind and a willingness to be creative, we were able to help this client discover the perfect, unique niche for them. Orders have since increased and they’re looking at expanding the line further.
HEART & SOUL Packaging
HEART & SOUL Packaging
HEART & SOUL Packaging