DOZEN Packaging



Dozen presented an unusual challenge to Stan Agency. The company produces square donuts and needed a more memorable bakery packaging design. We accepted the assignment and began to work immediately.

Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Unique shape requirements
  • Memorable

Research as a Custom Bakery Packaging Firm

Our first bakery packaging design research step was examining the market trends. We looked in the USA and elsewhere. We also pulled several direct competitor bakery packaging design samples for examination. We compiled a list to avoid.

Bonus Challenge

The added challenge with this bakery packaging design problem is market saturation. In the USA, even innovative donut companies need amazing packaging design, or consumers will not buy. Consumers simply will not buy without an experience.

Design Inspiration

The company knew it wanted elegance. We took that and the brand colors. Then we chose a selection of sophisticated elements. This led to abstraction. That trend inspired the completed design significantly.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The professional design team brought several bakery packaging design concepts. The ideas were first judged on the eye-catching qualities. Then we compared each approach to the others along with some famous donut brand boxes.


The company representatives loved the new bakery packaging design. The company previously selected a packaging production company. We heard back that customers reacted favorably to the bakery packaging design.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom bakery packaging design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The completed bakery packaging design used a memorable teal exterior. We then incorporated a swirl pattern inside. We felt this highlighted the donuts and drew the eyes. We look forward to working on bakery packaging design again.
DOZEN Packaging
DOZEN Packaging
DOZEN Packaging
DOZEN Packaging