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Ayam Brand coconut spreads are a flavorful product full of history that can be enjoyed on a variety of different products by a variety of different types of customers. Designing a butter packaging design for Ayam Brand spreads had to encompass various attractive visual elements that portrayed the product as accessible for families to enjoy while still offering appeal to consumers seeking an artisanal product made from quality materials.

Bonus challenge

Our challenge for the Ayam Brand spreads was to create a butter packaging design that showcased the approachable nature, delicious taste, and easy usability of the product.


Drawing inspiration from a variety of different sources and carefully following current market trends, we created an effective and attention-grabbing butter packaging design for Ayam Brand. Our professional packaging used bold visual elements to help customers easily identify the product. Font and graphics were deliberately kept simple and clear to communicate essential information. These pivotal design decisions is what separates the Ayam Brand coconut spreads from other competitors’ products.


The contrast between the bright yellow and airy blue is balanced out by the rich brown colors along the bottom of the peanut butter packaging design. Each brown color used in the butter packaging design correlates to the specific flavor, making identification easy for customers shopping quickly. Someone hurrying through a crowded supermarket can identify the product type and flavor with minimal effort, increasing the buying potential of the Ayam Brand spreads.

Additional graphics

To catch additional attention, we utilized multiple different graphics. Firstly, the rooster image on the top of the Ayam Brand coconut spread butter packaging gives the product a rustic feel that matches the long-standing history of the company. The additional graphics along the bottom of the butter packaging design easily displayed to the customer what ingredients were used in each flavor. It also created a more natural feel for the product.


It is essential that food products sold in supermarkets or grocery stores make painstaking efforts to stand out from the crowd. Our creative butter packaging designs for Ayam Brand effectively catches attention and communicates key details about the product.
AYAM BRAND Packaging
AYAM BRAND Packaging
AYAM BRAND Packaging