A specialty healthcare packaging design requires dedication. Not only does the package need to meet legal labeling requirements, but it must also appear attractive to everyone from doctors to parents. At Stan Agency, we provide service for specialty healthcare, medical, and medicine packaging design.

Common Challenge Components for Medical Package Design

  • Saturated markets
  • Creating functional packaging
  • Intended audience variations
  • Legal requirements

Research as a Custom Medical Packaging Design Firm

Research is the first step in the medical packaging process design at Stan Agency. The team examines which markets the product is approved for or under consideration for approval for. We look for trends in those marketplaces. From there, we can either avoid the trends or embrace them for the package design.

The team also examines competitors and company numbers. The available data can help steer the medical packaging design process, since competitors may be doing something outstanding that other companies can innovate with.

Design Inspiration

With specialty healthcare packaging design, inspiration tends to come from the product itself. There are so many unique devices and outstanding treatments out there, all of which change lives. We also look at any existing branding information, company information, or individual category labeling requirements when searching for inspiration.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The Stan Agency package design team is exceptional and always produces innovative package design options. Typically, we narrow design concepts down at a meeting before we present them to clients. We use brand guidelines, inspiration, trends, and more to help guide our decisions as to which specialty healthcare packaging design will have the most significant impact.

Results of the Specialty Healthcare Packaging Design Process

Healthcare companies are usually prepared when they commission specialty healthcare packaging and have already picked a packaging manufacturer. Once the packaging design is complete, it can be deployed rapidly. New packaging designs tend to elicit an uptick in sales even if the device or medicine has been on the market for a while.

The Deliverable

  • One or more complete custom healthcare specialty packaging designs (optional) One creative custom label designs
  • Separate package design elements for reuse

All packages are customizable, so companies can find precisely the specialty healthcare packaging design services that suit the business going forward. We stand by our healthcare specialty packaging designs and want to help with all medical packaging needs.