MEDI-CADDY Packaging


  • Company:Medi-Caddy Co
  • Location:USA, NY
  • Service:Packaging & Label design
  • Category:Medical & Pharmaceutical
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In an emergency situation, nothing is more important than paying careful attention to essential patient information. That same information can occasionally be the difference between long-lasting health issues and successful treatment. Medi-Caddy is a system of organization that carefully stores prescriptions and emergency medical information that can be life-saving. Therefore, the packaging design for Medi-Caddy should likewise highlight the key information of the product itself.

Bonus challenge

Our challenge for Medi-Caddy was to develop a professional packaging systems design to showcase the product’s complexity and essential medical background to potential customers.


It was crucial for us to create a creative design for Medi-Caddy that was as multifaceted as the product itself. In every step of our design process, we prioritized visual elements that showcased order and dependability. The strong structure of Medi-Caddy’s packaging systems design helps to convey the urgent necessity of the product itself, as well as the stability the product could provide in a time of emergency.

The visual structure

The visual structure created in our innovative design for Medi-Caddy communicates essential product information to potential customers. It also hints at the complexity of the system itself, evoking an image of the life-saving level of organization that the product provides in critical situations. Additionally, in order to suit the company’s brand image, we employed a clinical color palette to fit the medical background.


Overall, we designed a highly effective packaging systems design for Medi-Caddy that specifically appeals to their potential client base.
MEDI-CADDY Packaging
MEDI-CADDY Packaging
MEDI-CADDY Packaging