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VitaGlobal presented Stan Agency with a fascinating packaging design challenge in the medical niche. VitaGlobal sought brand packaging design for its sublingual troches. These products help people better absorb their medications, which often include hormones. The unique challenge in marketing this product energized the team in their brand and packaging design work.
Challenge Components
  • Niche market
  • Medical requirements
  • Internal packaging

Research as a Packaging Firm

Sublingual troches are not as widely recognized in some markets, such as the USA. Since troches are medications, the packaging tends towards white and sterile for many brands. We knew we did not want to help VitaGlobal bland into the existing market, so we needed a creative packaging design to help the product stand out.

Bonus Challenge

Since sublingual troches are medication, their packaging requires the disclosure of certain information. Each country has distinct laws concerning this. Additionally, we needed to consider prescription labels. Many troches are part of hormone regiments, which involve prescription labels. We did not want our innovative brand packaging design to get lost under a label.

Design Inspiration

Our branding and packaging design team drew creative inspiration from a variety of sources. The medical world tends towards white and shades of blue in their environment. Additionally, we wanted the packaging to be calm rather than loud. So, we looked at calming graphics from nature to help us decide on the best design elements.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

Our team presented a variety of designs ranging from minimalistic to complex. Narrowing these options down to one brand packaging design involved careful consideration of which designs crowded the box and which worked in harmony with it. We picked a water-inspired design for our client’s new brand packaging.


The process result was a lovely and uncomplicated design that VitaGlobal immediately used on their sublingual troches. The sale of sublingual troches has improved for VitaGlobal, and the company says more customers are requesting their product at the doctor’s office. That, in turn, is driving sales up.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One interior brand packaging design
  • One complete box design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final product included both internal and external brand packaging design. The internal packaging includes matching elements, so it flowed with the outer box. We look forward to working with VitaGlobal on the next branding and package design project.
Vitaglobal Packaging
Vitaglobal Packaging
Vitaglobal Packaging