BAR & BARREL Packaging



For a beer connoisseur, there is nothing more exciting than discovering new ales and IPAs with diverse, full-bodied flavoring. Naturally, however, each beer drinker differs in their preferred flavor profile, some preferring robust notes while others drawn to hoppy tastes. Bar & Barrel offers brew experts a beautifully designed beer glass kit to best enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage.

Real goals of the challenge

Our challenge for Bar & Barrel’s kit packaging design was to develop a rich, masculine packaging that attracts the attention of hard-core beer fans seeking a way to elevate their brew game.


The beer kit packaging design for Bar & Barrel that we developed was dark and assertive with a visual appearance as strong as it was elegant. To develop the font and graphics for the kit packaging design, we utilized simplicity and sophistication to accent the overall atmosphere of the kit. Beer lovers who take their brew seriously would undeniably be attracted to the classic design of Bar & Barrel’s beer kit.

Important details

Like the rich tones of beer itself, the Bar & Barrel kit packaging design is a darkly luxurious brown, so deep that it appears black. While the background and lettering are more evocative of stout beer, the caramel brown accents and soft beige of the logo design recreate the image of a frothy pale ale or IPA. Even down to the details, beer lovers will undoubtably be drawn to appreciate the visual appeal of the packaging kit design.


Much like the understatedly stylish appearance of the Bar & Barrel glass containers inside the packaging, the exterior design effortlessly conveys a sense of high-class intrigue that attracts customers who value the presentation and quality of the brew they drink and serve. Our innovative and creative kit packaging design for Bar & Barrel therefore effectively appeals to the company’s target market in a unique yet professional way.
BAR & BARREL Packaging
BAR & BARREL Packaging
BAR & BARREL Packaging