• Company:Etheric Water Company
  • Location:USA, NY
  • Service:Branding, Packaging & Label design
  • Category:Retail
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Water is the essence of life. It drives growth and creation at all levels of the world, from the smallest cells in our body to the towering trees that stretch high above the skyline. The materials that you put into your body are important to not only your physical health but also your mental and spiritual health as well. Etheric Water markets its product to consumers concerned with their internal well-being and emotional balance.

Bonus challenge

Our challenge for Etheric Water was to create a professional package design bottle that appealed to the product’s health-conscious, spiritually-minded target customer base.


“Etheric” itself refers to the first layer of a being’s aura and ties in directly with an internal power that shapes and balances people. An etheric touch can subtly influence a person’s overall wellbeing, healing spots of hidden strife. Our design for Etheric Water utilized this unique concept in order to target clientele mindful of their internal balance and healing. The package design bottle was airy and soothing, promoting calm emotions and a sense of equilibrium to potential consumers.

Designed to be delicate and clear

The package design bottle for Etheric Water was deliberately designed to be delicate and clear. The design lacks overwhelming visual elements and instead focuses on clarity and stability. The simplicity of the package design bottle allows for the target customer base to center their mind and concentrate on the essential information of the product, namely, the effects on the etheric aura. Water is a pure form of nourishment, and our design clearly showcases both the physical and internal nourishment it can provide.

The main graphic

The main graphic took inspiration from the mandala, another meditative concept using for internal healing and self-improvement that directly appeals to Etheric Water’s target market. We simplified the complexity of the mandala into a visually appealing, white logo that instills a balanced feeling upon viewing.


Our professional package design bottle for Etheric Water used a variety of unique inspirations in order to create a creative design that appealed to a target market just as concerned with their spiritual health and internal clarity as with physical nourishment.