Steady Shot Packaging


  • Company:Steady Shot, LLC
  • Location:USA, NY
  • Service:Packaging design
  • Category:Medical & Pharmaceutical
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The medical industry is constantly expanding to become more convenient and easily accessible to a wider variety of people worldwide — Steady Shot assists in this transformation, supplying shots that can be received and injected outside of a doctor’s office. The Steady Shot can be self-administered in three easy steps, revolutionizing the modern concept of healthcare. Therefore, the care package designs for the Steady Shot required sleek, clinical inspirations to match and easily market the product.

Main task

For Steady Shot, our challenge was to develop a custom care package design that highlighted the product’s ease of application and emphasized the medical trustworthiness of the brand.


The care package design for Steady Shot was simple and straightforward, prioritizing clarity as well as the medicinal nature of the product. The color palette used stark white and pristine blue, colors that are current trends for medical products, that also reaffirms the Steady Shot’s sanitary nature. Fears of self-administering the shot are set at ease due to the professional design and effortlessly understandable graphics.

The graphics and essential information

The graphics and essential information boldly pop out from against the clinical white background. Instantly, key product details are conveyed to the consumer, such as the appearance of the device, brand name, and application steps. The shape of the design ensures that this information is visible to the user at all times.


The custom-made, innovative care package designs for Steady Shot effectively conveys the medical-grade quality of the product as well as simplifies the ease of use, therefore making the product more marketable towards a large audience of consumers.
Steady Shot Packaging
Steady Shot Packaging
Steady Shot Packaging