Biophile Packaging

Apple Packaging Design


Combining the purity of Biophile with a passion for healthier living was at the forefront of our dry fruit packaging design. The product is simple: delicious, dried apple slices. A simple product requires simple packaging without narrowing the consumer base. How do we do it?


Healthy food inherently brings to mind a natural color palette. Most products use a typical, dye-free paper bag with white lettering and a touch of green for their apple packaging design. This design makes sense; trees symbolize nature, and they are a variety of browns and greys with leaves of green. The problem with this is not only that it’s overused, but it’s also uninspiring.
Apple packaging design should be as inspiring as the product, itself. Draw from the vibrancy of fruits. Use trees as inspiration, not final product design. Forgo realism for wonder and ask the consumer to discover, not taste. Adjusting the green hue and simplifying the shape of a natural leaf to that of an idea brings character and life to dry fruit packaging design.


Nature implies flaws and imperfections. Using the image of an apple, both whole and dried, showcases the purity of nature with its imperfections. This should come across with the typeface, as well. Stamping the standard, modern font as the logo is equally uninspiring in apple packaging design. Thus, we opted for a typeface that appears hand drawn. A hand-written letter is the most natural of all. It shows involvement, uniqueness, and human quality.


Incorporating naturally inspired, simple shapes with hand-drawn lettering and a color palette than invokes nature and youth results in Biophile’s apple packaging design. From the vibrant, contrasting reds and greens to the relatability of hand-written lettering, the simplicity of Biophile is showcased by an inviting, vibrant package that invites the consumer in with a smile.
Biophile Packaging
Biophile Packaging
Biophile Packaging