Energy, sustenance, cleanliness, and relaxation. Feelings invoked into your consumers derive from the item’s packaging. Use this to your advantage and target your audience from the outset, because we both know you only have their split-second glance to truly sell your product.

From joy and energy in chocolate packaging design to cleanliness and comfort in soap bar packaging design, promote what your consumer needs so they can confidently make their purchase. These emotions and ideas are driven via color, pattern, and illustration to mirror what the product is and what it gives the consumer.

Chocolate Bar Packaging Design

Opt for a minimalist design for your chocolate bar packaging design to target younger, design-oriented, trendy consumers. Minimalism showcases a modern company that understands modern life, but it forgoes tradition. It’s important to recognize what your chocolate bar packaging design is not just as much as what it is. A sophisticated design shows your consumers an air of class, wealth, and belonging. It emphasizes timelessness, not trendiness.

Soap Bar Packaging Design

Soap always implies cleanliness, but it can also vary between the qualities of invigoration and relaxation. Vibrant colors and creative streaks sell movement and liveliness whereas flowers and pastel palettes invite calmness to the consumer. Understand why the consumer is buying this unique product: is it because of the inherent nature of the soap, or because of the soap bar packaging design? The material of the soap bar packaging is equally important as its design. Paper wrapping calls forward a vastly different audience than plastic shrink-wrap. Take whether the product is organic in nature.

Contact us for consumer-oriented, custom bar packaging designs. No matter the product, we aim to understand your audience and design accordingly. A unique design can make the difference between a rise in profits or a decrease in value.