• Company:Peak Performance
  • Location:USA, NY
  • Service:Packaging design
  • Category:Food & Drink
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Explosive Growth, Huge Potential… with the Right Protein Bar Design

Between 2018 and 2019, collagen bars on the USA market more than tripled. The bar is the largest growth area and that is really exciting to see.” This advanced growth is due to collagen’s ability to improve a protein bar’s taste and texture. As its popularity has skyrocketed, dozens of new and old companies have launched products, including Peak Performance.

Peak Performance developed an all-natural protein bar that featured grass fed collagen. They saw this product as the perfect entry into the growing collagen bar market since it would appeal to mainstream consumers and the health food niche alike.

The Search for an Energy Bar Packaging Design

Peak Performance had looked at several design companies before contacting Stan Agency. Their hope was that we could craft a unique protein bar design concept that would…
  • Differentiate itself from the growing field of competitors.
  • Take inspiration from their nascent brand identity as communicated through their logo.
  • Use creative ideas and market research to develop a custom energy bar packaging design that engages new consumers and conveys a commitment to all-natural health foods.
  • Complete the task at a reasonable cost.
With these things in mind, we got to work on their order.


Analyzing the Competition

During our in-depth research on the collagen market, we discovered the most popular trends among collagen bar producers, including label design, niches, and price ranges. We discovered a variety of interesting facts about Peak Performance’s competition, including their tendency to use monochromatic designs and rarely to use colors that communicated nature, like greens and browns.

Crafting a Package Design that Sells

After developing a professional brief featuring three innovative energy bar packaging design examples, Peak Performance settled on the one above. It’s an amazing example of fusing a company’s current logo and brand identity with compelling, high quality package design.

How we did it…
  • Peak Performance’s logo served as the primary inspiration, providing the overall color scheme for the finalized rxbar design.
  • The product’s name features prominently with ‘grass fed collagen’ showcased in slightly larger lettering. This will grab the attention of both mainstream and niche health-conscious consumers.
  • A series of encircled texts, in complementary colors, run along the side of the packing, reinforcing the protein bar’s main features.
  • The protein bar’s flavor is made clear using a distinctly different color, brown, which maintains the all-natural theme communicated through other earth tones on the package, while acting as a visual indicator of the flavor.
Peak Performance was able to launch their new, grass fed collagen bars to rave reviews. Thanks to their high quality and attractive packaging, Peak Performance has made a major splash in the growing collagen bar market. Now, they’re considering additional flavors they can add to the line.