Not only do cosmetics require a unique, safe product, each brand also requires innovative packaging in order to make a splash. Without outstanding packaging design, consumers are unlikely to pick cosmetics up in the stores or use them once they are home. Boring makeup packaging does not spark that desire.

Fortunately, brands have more options for their cosmetics packaging design than ever. Professional companies like Stan Agency offers unique opportunities for the discerning makeup brand without breaking the budget. Meanwhile, makeup brands may also have luck with freelancers and design platforms.

Eye-Catching Design

Often, the package on a store shelf or in an online marketplace is the first encounter someone has with a new brand. It’s in those first few seconds that someone decides whether they like something enough to take it home. Therefore, packaging appeal is vitally important to continued growth for makeup brands.

The first thing that draws people in is color or lack thereof. When used appropriately, colors immediately differentiate a cosmetic packaging design from the surrounding products. That is the first step to drawing new customers to a new product.

After color, design motifs are the next most recognizable features. Using a design on cosmetics packaging creates visual interest and intrigue. These motifs do not even have to be concrete for brands to receive the benefit of people’s curiosity. Often, they’ll pick up a box to see where the design goes.

Fonts are another critical consideration in eye-catching cosmetics packaging design. Fonts speak towards the values of the brand itself. Once someone picks up a package, the font introduces them to those values subconsciously. After all, people like buying products that align with their personal values. Plus, a good design incorporates the font choices into the overall cosmetics package design.

All of these items combined speaks to the makeup brand’s style. Using these elements properly, as a good design studio does, creates a memorable impression on more potential customers and drives sales.

Creating a Brand, Not Just a Package

Cosmetics packaging is not merely for catching the eye of potential consumers while they browse. It’s also about building recognition. No one wants to be the package that people can’t remember the name of. Having unique cosmetics packaging allows that recognition even if people forget the name momentarily, which is useful for repeat sales.

Creating a brand also helps link products together. For example, someone may try out a new eye palette and adore the quality. The next time they’re in the store, they may decide they want to try an eyeliner from the same brand. By using a similarly branded package design, this customer has no problem finding her new favorite eyeliner.

Branded cosmetics packaging also builds trust. A professional brand image inspires consumer confidence that they’re receiving well tested, high-quality products. It also demonstrates to consumers that companies have invested in the brand, which always builds consumer confidence.

Relevant Information

One of the massive benefits of professional cosmetic product design is the arrangement itself. Makeup products need a lot of information on their packaging, especially if the company is responsible.

Whether that’s cruelty-free, vegan, ingredients lists, corporate philosophies, or one of the hundreds of other element options, brands need to consider how this can be arranged on their packaging in a consumer-friendly manner.


In the USA and around the world, various agencies have regulations on what must be included on cosmetics packaging designs. As a premier packaging designer, Stan Agency is familiar with these regulations and can help brands incorporate all the necessary information to avoid hefty fines without clogging up packaging.