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The best perfume packaging designs offer a unique opportunity for consumers to understand the product. Store shelves and the digital space are packed with perfumes of every scent imaginable. It takes innovative perfume design packaging ideas to stand out and grab consumer attention. Otherwise, it isn’t easy at best to obtain new customers.
The Perfume Bottle
Perfume bottles are an elegant packaging solution for a small product. Each bottle can be as unique as the people who wear them. Fortunately, this option comes with unbridled creativity for the perfume packaging designer.
Perfume is a product with fewer functional limits on its package design. There are examples of vintage perfume containers attached to mini carriages. The limits on designing a perfume bottle shape are not there the same way there are for other products. Whether round, square, pyramid, or innovatively off the wall, there is a perfume bottle shape that suites the brand. Read more...
Perfume bottles are designed to house an almost colorless liquid safely. Each bottle can be as loud or understated as fits the brand. A professional perfume packaging designer can create amazing solutions with this much freedom. Additionally, creating variations using color for different products in a line helps consumers when they are applying the product.
Stoppers are an often-overlooked aspect of perfume packaging design. Each one is an opportunity for brands to add one more personal touch to the perfume packaging design without overwhelming the consumer.
The Perfume Bottle Container
Since many perfumes are sold in boxes or other containers, it makes sense to incorporate that when the perfume packaging designer is working. This allows the container and bottle to speak for a brand without any disconnect. The outer packaging attracts consumers in many distinct shopping experiences, and so warrants extra consideration.
Box Colors
Perfume tends to be rather colorless, but that does not stop the packaging design from using the idea. Color, or lack thereof, attracts the eye. The longer someone lingers trying to figure out what an abstract pattern means or why a certain set of shapes intrigues them, the more likely they are to take the perfume home. This applies even if they cannot smell it, such as online shopping.
Box Shape
Box or container shape is not constrained to rectangles. Perfume packaging design can incorporate numerous ideas, such as transparent panels, solid backgrounds, and other design elements that draw the consumers’ eyes in. Using these elements wisely, a skilled perfume packaging designer can create more intrigue with the container shape alone.
Perfume packaging design is flexible enough to incorporate other accents as well. For example, tying a perfume box like a present can elicit the delight of opening a gift. The use of tags, ribbons, fabric, and other unique options enhances enjoyment consumers receive when they open or handle the perfume.
Requirements for Perfume Packaging
Apart from the labeling requirements, perfume packaging designs destined for the USA must meet certain requirements. These include safeguarding against contamination by using secure packaging and using packaging materials that will not interact with the perfume. Failure to follow these guidelines outlined by the FDA can result in hefty fines.