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Eckory wanted its candles to stand out on the shelf, so the company brought in Stan Agency to design the new candle labels. The company already had unique candle names and primary branding in place, so it was our job to complete the candle label design. We eagerly got into the details of this individual order.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Candle labeling requirements
  • Label materials

Research as a Custom Label Design Firm

Our first step was digging into the candle label design industry. We examined all kinds of labels from a variety of markets, including the USA. The trends were informative and helped us avoid developing an ordinary candle label. We also found a few sources of inspiration in the home décor field since candles are often used decoratively.

Bonus Challenge

The challenge with the Eckory project was figuring out how to stand out in the saturated candle market. While Eckory did some of that by using natural products, we still needed to figure out a candle label design that did not get lost on the shelf. This decision led to some late team meetings and further research once we had design concepts.

Design Inspiration

We decided that the minimalism many candle companies use in their label design would not work well for Eckory. Instead, we drew inspiration from Eckory’s warm and cozy brand. We also looked at how the candle would fit in a home interior. Between the two, we were able to find a balance that created an innovative design concept.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The label design team produced numerous design concepts. At a team meeting, we began narrowing them down by comparing them to existing market concepts. Then we confirmed that each of the remaining ideas met Eckory’s brand guidelines. From there, we picked the most visually appealing option for the final candle label design.


The resulting candle label design worked perfectly with Eckory’s planned marketing push. The company was able to produce the labels and send the products out in time for the holidays. That year, the company told us about a significant sales spike. The company is also considering extending the life of range name changes line.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One creative custom candle label design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final candle label design for the Eckory project used an illustrated approach. We used leaves to suggest what the candle would smell like. The concept also includes an earthy tone for the text and as an accent in the illustration for emphasis. We look forward to designing more candle labels for Eckory in the future as it expands.
ECKORY Packaging
ECKORY Packaging
ECKORY Packaging
ECKORY Packaging
ECKORY Packaging