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While many soaps are inherently their own works of art, professional soap label design helps more consumers see the beauty in soap. A solid label concept draws in the eye and encourages consumers to pick up the bar or bottle. Without that, it’s significantly more challenging to sell soap.
Design Motifs
There are numerous motifs around washing up and what that looks like. An innovative soap label design takes these motifs and recreates them into a new concept perfect for a company’s brand. When the business is soap, that makes a significant difference in sales over time.
The first thing most soaps do is create suds. These bubbles are the delight of young children and proof that adults are washing up. Using the suds motif means reimagining that joy into a drawn form while still helping people identify the soap by its label. Read more...
Washbasins convey an older feel to a soap label design. Before washing machines, soap needed to work on all kinds of messes from hands to pant legs. Using the washbasin motif conveys a feeling of age to consumers, such as that the soap has been around a long time.
Design Styles of Soap Labels
After motifs, there are numerous popular design styles for soap labels. These styles convey different information to potential buyers. An experienced designer can work a design style into something unique to a brand.
Minimalist soap label design looks deceptively simple. Instead, it takes years of experience to arrange the necessary elements correctly for visual appeal. Minimalist soap label design tends to draw the eye to the soap itself. All the essential information is present, but there are no distracting illustrations or font combinations.
Feature Highlight
Each soap has a special ingredient, which is typically mentioned in the name. Whether that’s eucalyptus, rosemary, orange peel, or something in between, featuring it on the label is a great way to distinguish soaps within a brand. This type of soap label design requires strong primary elements so that the brand identity remains clear.
Illustrations are a fantastic option for soap label design. These draw the focus into something related directly to the brand. Since graphics are unique, using this type of soap label design is an excellent option for increasing customer recollection of the product. It also helps drive repeat sales since the brand links to something visual.
Old Time
Using an old-time feel for a soap label design encourages brand trust. The blocky fonts, limited colors, and straight to the point style inspire confidence that they’re getting the quality they desire in a soap. Using an older technique does not mean that it looks like something out of a history book since old elements can be updated.
Requirements for Perfume Packaging
Apart from the labeling requirements, perfume packaging designs destined for the USA must meet certain requirements. These include safeguarding against contamination by using secure packaging and using packaging materials that will not interact with the perfume. Failure to follow these guidelines outlined by the FDA can result in hefty fines.
Legal Requirements
Soap Label Information Requirements from the FDA:
  • Brand and product names
  • Ingredient list
  • Safety and use information
  • Manufacturer contact information
For regulation, the FDA treats soaps as cosmetics unless they make a medical claim. This assignment means businesses can face hefty fines if they do not include the necessary information on the soap label designs. A creative designer can work the data in without detracting from the visual appeal of the piece.