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Perfume label design is becoming increasingly important, especially as brands move online. This non-traditional selling approach means buyers are judging whether they want a scent entirely on the label and bottle shape. In this case, first impressions make the sales.
Styles of Perfume Labels
There are many options when it comes to perfume label design styles, and fortunately, the label style must fit a company’s brand identity. The perfume label design is the piece of a brand that consumers see every day on their bathroom counter.
A minimalist approach for perfume label design is also a classic design take. Many of the most famous perfume brands use this approach, such as Channel. It’s elegant and sophisticated, while still being highly readable. An effective minimalist perfume label design requires a highly experienced designer to create the right impact. Read more...
Using an older feeling perfume label design lends a brand both mystery and credibility. One of the common sayings in the USA is that they don’t make things like they used to. Choosing a perfume label that includes elements like a blackletter font or a black and white sketch helps consumers connect to the perfume’s quality.
Feature Highlight
Every perfume has a variety of notes that make it unique. Using a featured note-based highlight design allows the perfume label creator to show the fragrance in its glory. Whether it’s delicate citrus or robust lavender, the scent makes the perfume label unique.
Color Perfume Labels
While many perfume labels are done in a simple style with only two colors, that is not the extent of the options. A multicolored perfume bottle label is distinct from its shelf mates, for example. The brighter colors may convey vibrancy, joy, or other life-affirming emotions to the consumer, which in turn makes using color in perfume labels helpful.
Use Abstraction
Perfume is not a tangible item, so advertising does not need to be either. A popular perfume label trend is including some form of abstract artwork that lines up with the overall brand. Some perfume label designers even use color psychology when choosing the artwork.
In Everyday Use
Many perfume brands discovered that their consumers mix their scents at home each morning. Using different colors in the perfume label design allows these individuals to mix confidently and surely.
Where Perfume Label Meets Bottle
The perfume label design is not the only piece of brand imagery that consumers can hold in their hands. The bottle and the perfume label design must work together for maximum visual impact. A quality designer will use the bottle’s style when choosing how to incorporate the perfume label for visual effect.
Legal Requirements
Perfume Labeling Requirements from the FDA:
  • Name of product
  • Manufacturer contact information
  • Ingredients list
  • Product safety and use information
While many perfume brands choose to use booklets rather than squeeze all the required information on a label, certain items are still necessary. Otherwise, the manufacturer faces a significant fine. A professional designer recognizes these elements and can work them into the perfume label design unobtrusively.