SHHH...IT’S A SECRET! Packaging


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Challenge's a secret! presented a unique custom order project. The company makes lip plumping gel pads and other accessories. The new lip plumping product was set to make a debut already, but the company needed an amazing lip gloss label design. We accepted the challenge.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated niche market
  • Conveying the importance of the product
  • Consumer wariness

Audience Research

Not surprisingly, the audience for lip gloss label design tends towards women. We examined the specific demographics to guide our strategy. We also looked at who the outliers in the data are so we could create more universal appeal.

Research as a Custom Lip Gloss Label Design Firm

We also examined the lip glass and plumping industry trends. We then took several direct competitors’ lip gloss label designs into consideration. The result was a list of elements we wanted to avoid, like lip prints.

Bonus Challenge

The added challenge with this lip gloss label design was consumer wariness. Every person who uses cosmetics has heard horror stories about products. This includes products promising to plump lips. We needed to overcome this through lip gloss label design.

Design Inspiration

The lip gloss label design inspiration source was the product results. We wanted to convey the plumpness and fullness consumers achieved with the product. We also wanted to reassure customers that the results were real and achievable.

Element Decisions

We knew we wanted to avoid the standard lip gloss label design motif of a lipstick print. However, the best way to show lip plumping is with lips. We decided to use actual lips. The rest of the element decisions were made by designers following the branding.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The professional design team offered several lip gloss label design concepts. We were able to narrow them initially on visual appeal. Then we brought in a focus group to determine which idea worked best for lip gloss label design.

Result's a secret! liked the lip gloss label design. The company quickly produced new batches and placed the product on shelves. Recently, Stan Agency received an email stating the product exceeded its sales goals.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom lip gloss label design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The completed lip gloss label design featured a white to black gradient. We also selected an image of plump lips for the front. The team illustrated the instructions carefully, as well. We look forward to creating more lip gloss label designs.
SHHH...IT’S A SECRET! Packaging
SHHH...IT’S A SECRET! Packaging
SHHH...IT’S A SECRET! Packaging