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Lea Moon, a newer company at the time, wanted the best makeup package design for its Triple Goddess highlight pack. This first edition pack needed to create an amazing impact to attract new customers to the brand. We at Stan Agency eagerly accepted the challenge this new brand represented and dug into the world of makeup packaging design.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Makeup labeling requirements
  • New products

Identifying the Audience

Most makeup brands focus on women and girls, which narrows the potential audience considerably. However, we wanted to narrow it further so we could market to specific age groups as well as cultural regions. Using these distinctions, we were better able to create an appealing makeup packaging design.

Competition in Makeup

Makeup is a fiercely competitive industry, and there are many brands in the space. This competition makes using a unique design more critical. A unique makeup packaging design not only attracts the consumers’ eye on the busy shelves, but it also informs them whether the brand is for them. In the case of Lea Moon’s order, the design spoke to younger buyers.

Research as a Custom Packaging Design Firm

Cosmetics packaging design tends to have fewer expectations than other markets. This distinction makes creative makeup packaging more acceptable. However, we still researched what the competition was using on their packages and how best to incorporate Lea Moon’s existing brand guidelines into our design.

Bonus Challenge

The most significant challenge with Lea Moon’s custom order was creating a stunning makeup package design for a new product. New product lines tend to be difficult to break the ice for with consumers since they want to ensure they’re spending money wisely. We needed something eye-catching that helped overcome that instinct.

Design Inspiration

Lea Moon has a well thought out brand, and we were able to draw several elements from it. Additionally, the product was formed around a neopagan concept, the triple goddess. We found several stunning representations to draw inspiration from. This step was particularly important since the triple goddess tends to be an abstract concept.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The packaging design team at Stan Agency returned several outstanding concepts for the Lea Moon project. We began by reviewing the makeup package designs for similarities to other brands. Then we examined which ideas captured both the triple goddess and Lea Moon’s branding most accurately.


The process yielded one makeup packaging design that everyone loved. Lea Moon put the packaging into production, which matched the release timeline perfectly. Once the creative makeup packaging design hit the shelves, it was an instant hit among consumers. Lea Moon is even altering its figures for its next planned launch.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom package design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The makeup packaging design wound up featuring a simple series of text on the outside and a stylized triple goddess symbol on the inside, cupping the makeup. We used a blue-based night sky to provide the package an air of beauty and mystery. We look forward to working with Lea Moon on its next makeup package design as the company expands.
Lea Moon Packaging
Lea Moon Packaging
Lea Moon Packaging