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Pets are the foundation of a happy home and the health and wellbeing of our furry friends can be just as important as that of a human member of the household. Our dogs love and support us at all times, and in return, we provide everything they need to be healthy and satisfied. Herbalea Pet’s CBD drops prioritize your pet’s safety and comfort above all else. Therefore, the tincture label design for the CBD oil had to accurately convey that same level of investment in high-quality care towards kindhearted pet owners.

Bonus challenge

Our challenge was to create a creative and effective tincture label design for Herbalea Pet’s CBD drops that would attract owners searching for professional products made from superior ingredients.


The elegant and sophisticated tincture label design for Herbalea Pet’s CBD oil immediately signals the quality of the product to owners. The muted color palette ranges from champagne to mauve and is accented by attractive gold lettering, showcasing to pet owners that Herbalea Pet’s product is not a generic product made from inferior ingredients, but rather a luxurious item that puts their pet’s wellbeing first.

Inspiration for creating design

Herbalea Pet’s CBD oil is marketed towards people who highly value the health and comfort of their pets. We utilized creative inspirations and current market trends more suited to the packaging of human products than pet products in order to insinuate that the attention to detail put into the CBD oil product is of a similar level.


A pet is more than just a pet — it can be an irreplaceable friend or family member, deserving of high-quality, professional products. Therefore, our tincture label design for Herbalea Pet’s CBD oil highlighted the superiority and soothing nature of the product.
Herbalea Pet Packaging
Herbalea Pet Packaging
Herbalea Pet Packaging