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  • Category:Food & Drink
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Sawan presented Stan Agency with a unique custom order. The company needed us to design water bottle labels for its new division. The water bottle label designs were an urgent priority for the company. Stan Agency accepted the custom order and began work immediately.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Making the ordinary extraordinary
  • Consumer wariness

Audience Research

Our first step was investigating who drank bottled water. In the USA, that’s a cross-demographic group. The water bottle industry is seen as a convenience and a taste preference, whereas elsewhere, it’s a vital necessity. That meant our design for the water bottle labels needed universal appeal.

Research as a Custom Label Design Firm

The next step involved digging into the broader bottled water industry. We also examined Sawan’s competitors. This provided valuable market trend insights. However, to design effective water bottle labels, we needed to combine all this research.

Bonus Challenge

In general, consumers are wary of trying new varieties of bottled water. Most have a preferred brand that tastes correct to them. There is also an element of brand trust that no water bottle label design can solver. People want to know that what they’re drinking is pure. They generally only trust certain brands to get it right.

Design Inspiration

Our most significant inspiration came from water. The product is essential to everyone, and the recognition it gets is unparalleled. We also drew some inspiration from the Sawan brand and minimalist principles.

Element Decisions

We knew we needed the Sawan logo prominently displayed. Beyond that, most of the element decisions were left up to the individual designers. Each used the inspiration we gathered with the team.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

Our professional team designed several amazing water bottle label concepts. We eliminated some as too far away from the water bottle industry. Then we looked at which ideas caught the eye when placed near competitor products.


Sawan representatives were incredibly pleased with the new water bottle label design. The company secured a packaging deal quickly, and the label entered distribution shortly after that. Sawan sent an email letting us know how much positive feedback the water bottle label designs were generating.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom water bottle label design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The design for Sawan’s water bottle labels used a blue to white gradient. On top of that, we layered the labeling information and a splash of water. We look forward to working further with Sawan in the future.
SAWAN Packaging
SAWAN Packaging
SAWAN Packaging