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In the USA, spirit consumption is on the rise. That means now is the perfect time to use whiskey label design to drive sales. Whiskey and whisky, depending on the country of origin, are popular liquor picks to begin with. Effective label design makes people curious to try what’s inside the unique bottles.
Classic Whiskey Label Considerations
A classic whiskey bottle is clear, so it displays the quality of the liquid design. Of course, tinted bottles have also entered the market over the years. This color provides the perfect canvas for sophisticated whiskey label designs.
The Minimalist Look
The minimalist look is a classic for whiskey label design all over the world. Read more... The lines are simple, the colors are not loud, and the simple label provides another level of sophistication. While these classic looks are unlikely to fade, the professional whiskey label designers at Stan Agency can make minimal eye-catching.
Creative whiskey label design does not mean giving up the classic two-color minimalist approach many consumers expect so they can display their whiskey. However, when designing a whiskey label, which does not mean sticking to black and white or black and cream. Innovative label designs choose a different color scheme.
Whiskey label fonts need to be easy to read while still conveying the personality of the brand. This distinction leaves some creative space for fonts other than the traditional blackletter or serif approaches. When designing a whiskey label, that original space can have an enormous impact on the final look.
A classic whiskey label design rarely includes a full image. Instead, these designs tend to favor unique graphic elements like ribbons and accent lines. Fortunately, recent design developments mean that more whiskey labels carry more complex images as well. Often in the same two-tone coloration, these images add more options to innovative whiskey label designs.
Original Whiskey Label Designs
There is always room in the whiskey industry for original, creative label design. In some ways, breaking away from the minimalist approach helps drive sales. Eyes are drawn to new graphics and the curious will buy new whiskey based on how much they like the label.
Legal Requirements for Whiskey Labels
Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Requirements:
  • Brand name
  • Manufacturer contact information
  • Health warning
  • Alcohol type and class
  • Volume
  • Age statement
Skilled design not only looks gorgeous, but it is also functional. Whiskey labels must include a wide variety of information. Advanced design consists of this information while still maintaining consumer interest. This choice saves the manufacturer from fines, which is undesirable for all parties.