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Ice cream is a beloved treat around the world, and people have developed many varieties. However, all those options have a downside. When a brand is trying to gain new customers, there’s significant competition. Creative ice cream package design is a fantastic way to stand out on shelves and in coolers.
Individual Wrapper Design
Some ice cream treats are easiest to package individually into various designs. Meanwhile, others require a larger container to help all of the cold goodness. Either can be a great place for a professional ice cream packaging designer to create an innovatively eye-catching design.
Paper and Foil
Paper and foil are popular choices for wrapping individual treats. These are easy to apply as part of an assembly line and do not cost excessive amounts. Companies can get paper or foil printed with whichever ice cream packaging design they desire quickly as well. Read more...
Individual Cups
Individual cups, complete with spoons, are fantastic for consumers who need a sharable treat quickly. These cups and spoons can be branded so that they represent a company well. Since these cups are often shared, this is a fantastic way to gain new customers.
Larger Containers
Everything from pints to gallons and beyond needs a fantastic ice cream packaging design. Larger containers are more of an investment for consumers, and they want reassurance that they are spending their money wisely. A professional design helps convey that reassurance without being evident that the consumer is being pushed to buy.
Carton Design
Cartons hold individually wrapped treats. In some cases, cartons are also used for shipping the bigger containers safely. Cartons have the largest surface area of any part of the ice cream packaging, so a design expert can create amazing concepts for it that will help the ice cream sell.
Cardboard Cardboard is the most common choice for holding packages of individually wrapped ice cream treats. Typically, this cardboard carton is how people buy treats by the dozen. However, the ice cream packaging design needs to be unique and eye-catching to stand out on the shelf. Otherwise, people may not notice it among the other brightly colored cartons.
Coming both clear and opaque, these containers tend to be reserved for larger ice cream treats that will be shared. Since there is so much space, ice cream packaging specialists can create innovative designs without worrying about crowding. Having the right design can drive sales faster and increase revenue.
The Novelty Factor
Regardless of the carton style, it’s important to remember the novelty factor. People find new and different things interesting, especially children. By incorporating this into ice cream packaging designs, companies can increase their sales with people willing to try new items.
Requirements for Ice Cream Packaging
If an ice cream packaging design is headed for the USA, it must comply with all food labeling guidelines. Additionally, all packaging materials must come from the safe list so that they do not end up inside the ice cream, especially during storage. Using an ice cream packaging designer who is familiar with this compliance can help companies avoid hefty fines.