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When customers peruse for a new beer, beer packaging design plays an enormous part in their decisions. The best packaging designs for beer draw the eye in and cause it to linger, which increases the odds a consumer will pick that beer. This attraction makes beer packaging essential, regardless of how big the brewery is.
Beer Container Design
Beer container design can take many forms, and each of those comes in multiple sizes. These sizes leave significant space for creativity in the beer packaging design concept. A skilled designer can create a unique package while still staying true to the company brand.
Bottles are a popular packaging choice for both craft and commercial beer. Both bottles and the bigger bombers can be shaped into eye-catching pieces perfect for the beer inside. Using beer packaging design this way sparks consumer imagination. Read more...
Cans may seem like a one size fits all concept; however, modern beer packaging design is not constrained. Beer cans come in a variety of sizes, all of which offer amazing opportunities to include graphics, slogans, and more. A skilled beer packaging designer can work with any size can.
Growlers are a fantastic option, especially for craft beer packaging design. These larger containers offer a lot of surface area for a professional designer to work with. Additionally, consumers already know they’re getting a high-quality product.
Kegs are one form of beer packaging design that does not usually get much attention. Using the expansive space on a barrel for brand recognition often yields increased sales as people see kegs loaded or staff simply find the design impactful.
Beer Package Design
Single unit sales are not the only beer selling method, so adding in amazing exterior packaging design can also drive sales. These packages come in a variety of materials and offer more space for professional beer packaging designers to add unique and meaningful elements.
Carry Packs
Whether the pack is two, four, or six beers, it’s four panels for adding graphics, images, and other branding. The beer carry packaging creates as much of a first impression as a label does on a single bottle. Companies need to use this space wisely with a skilled designer.
Beer packaging design can make excellent use of cartons. With six sides for jaw-dropping quality design, this option generates more revenue since it sells beer in quantity. Stan Agency offers innovative carton design to accompany exceptional brews.
Requirements for Beer Packaging Design
Packaging for beer sold in the USA must use materials the FDA deems safe. The beer packaging design must protect the content from contaminants. Additionally, it must not interfere with the beer or alter it over time. That’s a tall order when brands also want to innovate.