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The modern market requires innovative wine label designs. Casual wine consumers no longer develop exceptional relationships with brands or flavors. Instead, they browse the shelves of wine stores in the USA and beyond for something in their price range. A boring wine label design blends into those shelves, while those who make creative choices reap immense rewards.
Standing Apart from the Crowd
Traditional Wine Labels:
  • Minimalist Designs
  • Old-time feel
  • Black and white with little color
When every wine label design looks the same, it’s more difficult for casual consumers to pick it up from the shelves. Each store holds dozens, if not hundreds, of wine bottle label designs. Therefore, a wine label design must stand apart from all the others for someone to choose from.
Unconventional Choices
Unconventional Wine Label Options:
  • Bright colors and accents
  • Out of the box designs
  • Unique fonts
When considering an unconventional wine label design, companies need to find what works for their unique selling proposition and brand. For example, wine labels might employ reflective elements to catch a consumer’s eye as they peruse the shelves. Not only are these wine labels creative, but their unconventional graphics choices also become what they’re recognized for.
Bright Colors
For hundreds of years, the wine label design industry scorned bright colors. Instead, the wine label designs were dark ink on a white background. Part of this choice was due to the materials available to winemakers at the time and who could afford wine. However, there are no such restrictions now.
Bright colors in wine label designs attract adventurous new consumers looking for their next favorite. Creative contrast helps wines stand out from their shelf mates. In fact, consumers make their choices based on the labels they like these days.
We’re committed to supporting your business and brand through amazing wine label designs at an affordable price.
Tying the Label to the Wine
When embarking on creating a label design for the wine, it’s essential to start from the brand and vineyard. These places form the wine and should be considered when designing the label. Whether that’s reimagining some traditional elements for a long-established vineyard or including quirky characters for new wine, the label should tie to the wine fittingly.
Legal Requirements for Wine Labels
The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in the USA Requires:
  • Product name
  • Product weight
  • Contact information for the manufacturer
  • Government warning
Various governments require different elements in wine label design. These elements must be included in the overall wine label designs, or the manufacturer faces heavy penalties.
A creative wine label design firm creates custom concepts that meet these requirements while still appearing beautiful. Even with the new trends, a professional-quality wine label creator creates both appeal and meets the legal requirements.