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PMP Prep: Training They Need, But Don’t Want Thousands of people in the USA take the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam every year. It’s known for covering a wide range of topics and trends related to project management with challenging questions. But that handful of students that pass it reap incredible rewards, including a median annual income nearly $20,000 over uncertified managers.
Many qualified people put the exam off, thinking the training cost is too high, in financial and time commitments. They’re unsure of the best books and courses to use for preparation. They’re hesitant to take the leap, unsure of success or failure.

Bonus challenge

Before our client came to us, they were struggling with their book packaging design. Their competitors used traditional test prep text and imagery for their courses. Our client knew their product would get lost in the stacks if it didn’t take a different approach.

Offering Students Visions of Success

Our client came to Stan Agency, hoping for a creative, custom packaging design for their book. They wanted to set themselves apart from other companies’ books and courses, but didn’t have a clear concept or direction. In addition, this was their first test prep material, so they needed it completed at a reasonable price. If this project were to succeed, they planned on creating even more advanced certification prep material.


Before we approached their new design, we conducted comprehensive market research on rival products. We noted the quality of each example’s cover as well as the images and text used. As our client initially implied, the competition had a ‘test prep’ feel to them.

Discovering a New Approach

As we thought about this project, we decided to go in a unique and innovative direction. This would differentiate it from rival products and better encapsulate this product’s name: Not Your Ordinary Training. Once we’d collected ideas and gathered inspiration from our client and their competitors, we went to work creating a brief of books packaging design options.

Crafting Package Design that Sells

When this order was completed, our client had settled on the modern look pictured above. Here’s how we made it happen…
  • Unlike other test prep material that used text and colors, this design makes the benefits concrete with a creative and compelling image of a brain-as-a-lightbulb.
  • 95% of other PMP prep courses and books packaging design use white as a primary background, we’ve gone with black in order to visually stand out from competitors.
  • Fonts and text are minimalist, lending a modern vibe, as opposed to the traditional looks of rival courses and books.
  • We’ve minimized the amount of text on the front of the packaging design for this book, allowing consumers to focus on the imagery of test success.


When our client launched this new book with our amazing design, they were happy to see it move past several major competitors on Amazon’s bestseller rankings. They are now working on a series of test prep material for other popular professional exams.
Not your Packaging
Not your Packaging
Not your Packaging
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