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There is nothing more precious than a child and nothing more important than their wellbeing. Thousands of children across the world rely on the soft, inviting glow of nightlights to sleep soundly, protected from the darkness. Snoozzy Lucy’s toy packaging designs for their Baby Night Light had to be as appealing to parents and children as the adorable product inside, as well as convince potential customers to purchase.

Advanced challenge

Our challenge was to develop a unique, innovative toy packaging design for Snoozzy Lucy that evoked the feelings of protection and security that the product guarantees to parents and guardians seeking high-quality baby goods.


The custom toy packaging design for the Snoozzy Lucy Baby Night Light was carefully developed in order to convey both purity and security. A child’s night light is the device that protects children from the fear of darkness and separation from their parents during the night. The Snoozzy Lucy product is white and inviting, a sign of comfort for both children and parents alike. Similarly, the toys packaging design we created for Snoozzy reflected the product, playing upon similar pure white tones and gentle graphics.


The color scheme for Snoozzy Lucy toy packaging designs was deliberately light and airy, primarily white with a select few soft gray and pastel blue accents. The soothing tones match the product and suggest the peacefulness that comes from a night of uninterrupted sleep. From first glance, parents can be assured of the high-quality of the baby night light inside, and therefore trust the product for their children.

Mirror to design product inside

The custom-made toy packaging design also carefully employed graphics in order to mirror the design of the product inside and appeal to the preferences of a child. The visual images of falling snow, still mountains, and an airy forest all contribute to the feeling of calmness that the Snoozzy night light can provide to families. The graphics are also gentle and soft, as tender as the children using the product are.


The toys packaging design for Snoozzy Lucy is professional and innovative, actively promoting a sense of uninterrupted calmness in the design that mirrors the soothing quality of the baby night light itself.
Snoozzy Lucy Packaging