Lady Grown Packaging

Sustainable packaging design


CBD products are increasingly more popular in a variety of different global markets for their ability to promote relaxation and assist in the treatment of certain medical disorders. Made from plants, their natural alternative to other forms of medication are highly appealing to consumers. Packaged in a pleasing gummy form, Lady Grown CBD gummies have the potential to attract customers searching for a natural, soothing product.

Bonus Challenge

Our sustainable packaging design for Lady Grown must simultaneously showcase both the high-quality flavor and the all-natural effects of the CBD gummy product to a broad target audience.


We developed a sustainable packaging design for Lady Grown that emphasized the natural benefits that the CBD gummies can provide potential customers. Sophisticated, earthy, and visually pleasing, the packaging ensures that customers seeking a high-quality product are attracted to the Lady Grown gummies. Every detail was painstakingly selected in order to convey the professionalism of the product itself.

The atmosphere for target customers

The target customer of Lady Grown CBD gummies can range in demographic; therefore, our unique, sustainable packaging designs for the products were kept minimalist and inviting to a wide variety of people. The simplicity of the packaging design is intended to highlight the all-natural background of CBD itself. Rather than create a packaging that was clinical and stark, like medicine, we deliberately designed a sustainable packaging that avoided creating an artificial atmosphere.


The color palette of the sustainable packaging design for Lady Grown utilizes purely neutral and earthy tones. This reinforces the all-natural health properties that CBD products possess. The brown and green tones welcome potential customers and stress the soothing effects that the Lady Grown CBD gummies can provide to them. Graphics were kept minimal and refined, effortlessly infusing with the other visual elements on the packaging.


Overall, the sustainable packaging designs for Lady Grown CBD gummies promoted both the natural and relaxing properties of the product itself towards a wide range of consumers.
Lady Grown Packaging
Lady Grown Packaging
Lady Grown Packaging